to run, or not to run

So, one thing that sort of defines me is running.  I’ll be the first to admit that I was pretty much the least athletic girl in middle and high school.  I hated being outside and I hated sweating.  During college, I started exercising more and was able to build up to be able to run 60 minutes on the treadmill.  Eventually, I got more addicted to running, first to lose weight, and then just to clear my mind.  I ran my first marathon a few years ago and haven’t stopped since.

I was a bit worried about running during my pregnancy.  But, according to the books I’m reading, websites I’ve scrolled through, and advice from the prenatal nurse, women who were running before being pregnant can continue to do so without any problems.  The key is to stay hydrated and listen to your body.  J is very supportive and encourages me to stick with my running.  It helps to have someone to be accountable to!  I won’t be running a fall marathon this year, but that’s okay with me.

Maintaining a good base-level of running fitness and then training for a marathon is a lot of work: 4-5 workouts a week that include strength training, speedwork, and long runs. I am an early morning runner, which means waking up around 5:30am, running 3-6 miles during the week, and then rushing to get ready for work. J is also very athletic, and so far, we have been able to balance our running/training with married life.

The question is: can we balance running training with married life AND parenting??  I recently found Baby Steps, blog by a contributor to Runners World that chronicles her life before and after baby.  She honestly talks about the time constraints (life) that pull her in many different directions.  I have this “dream” that even after the baby, I will be able to set aside time to run.  So, the  plan is for J and I to alternate Saturday and Sunday mornings before church (Saturday – me, Sunday – J; next week we switch).  It might be difficult to balance running and baby, but I know that running will help me clear my head and relieve stress (not to mention lose the baby weight!).

So, my choice is to run!

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