big announcement

At the end of a perfect long weekend spent celebrating and spending time with family and friends, we announced the pregnancy to our parents.  Let me just say that all four of the grandparents-to-be were in complete shock!  It was a great surprise orchestrated by my husband, brother, sister-in-law and myself.

The way we did it was to order personalized onesies from cafepress for each grandparent.  We used the cover that we were giving them each anniversary gifts, since their wedding anny had either just passed or was coming up.  They opened the gifts, saw the onesies, and started screaming. Then the hugs came.  Then lots of questions.  Then celebration dinner!  I was able to take pictures and capture their reactions and will post them soon.  But for now, just marvel at the onesies we ordered:

for the do-it-yourself grandpa

for the doting grandma, who will spoil this baby

for the fisherman-grandpa

for the softie grandma

It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend!

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