oh the changes you’ll see

Well, the last two weeks have been busy for me, hence the hiatus from blogging.  I have been out of town the past three weekends, all for family events.  Thankfully, there is a 3-week break until our next trip – allowing for some much-needed downtime on the weekends.

Anyway, since my last post, there have been some changes, which I’m slowly getting used to.

  1. nausea – Yes, I’m finally getting those pregnancy symptoms, and it’s not too fun. My stomach hurts after every meal, no matter what or when I eat.  At first pretzels and gum helped, but now I just have to sit through it. I’ve read that the growing fetus cramps all the space, affecting digestive processes. I can attest that this is true!
  2. headaches – Another not-so-fun symptom.  I’m thinking this also has to do with staying hydrated, so I’m trying to drink more water instead of just popping Tylenol.  But I can only deal with a pounding head for so long.
  3. clothes – Virtually none of my clothes fit properly.  I cannot zip up a dress that fit fine two weeks ago!  Talk about a quick change!  It’s not so much a growing belly, but a growing chest… I’ll just leave it at that 🙂
  4. self-image – Related to clothes not fitting and physical changes, I’m having to adjust to seeing my body in a new way. I am blessed to have a life growing inside of me, which means that there are some aspects of my appearance that I just don’t have control over anymore. I’m slowly embracing this fact and all the changes I see in the mirror. But I can’t promise that I won’t whine over it a little more…

Anyone have any clever ways of how to deal with all these changes??

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