happy stomach

So I was sitting on the couch last night and thought “hey, my stomach didn’t hurt today after lunch”. Looks like the nausea/stomach issues might be going away!! Although I didn’t feel well last night, a nausea-free lunch is a step in the right direction, baby step (pun intended). I guess what “they” say is right – the 2nd trimester is when you feel the best (little/no nausea, more energy, fewer bathroom trips).

Other random thoughts:

  • Baby J is 4.5inches long and the size of a navel orange.
  • I wore my new maternity pants today, and while they are quite comfortable, they don’t fit quite yet. The stretchy waistband kept falling down!
  • I started reading the book “Eat, Pray, Love“.  It is very good so far and seeing the movie first (don’t shake your finger at me!) makes the writing even more vivid.
  • With travel and work, I’ve had to cut down on running, and it feels good.  But, I’ll get back to it with a nice long run on Saturday.  The weather is finally cooling off, which makes running much more enjoyable.

5 thoughts on “happy stomach

  1. Princess says:

    so would you recommend the movie?

    • Princess, i would definitely recommend the movie – it is very engaging and keeps you interested. the second part (“pray”) was a bit long, but still good. i also really like Julia Roberts, and thought she played the lead role quite well.

  2. scarletjones says:

    I remember that day I woke up and didn’t feel like loosing my guts…… I had deep dish that night. 🙂

  3. […] Maternity.  Everything fit nicely (i.e., the stretchy waists no longer slide down like they used to) and will last for a while.  It was also fun to strap on the 7-month pregnant band and get a […]

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