thankful Thursday

When I woke up this morning, I was in a very thankful mood.  I not sure why, just feeling blessed!  Well, around lunchtime something happened here at work that proved just how blessed I am…  A man, allegedly upset with his mother’s health condition at the hospital, walked in and shot her doctor.  After a 4-hour long standoff where the man barricaded himself in a room, he shot and killed him mother and then committed suicide.  All of this unfolded in a building that is near the building where my office is located and is even accessible without walking outdoors. And I’ve been to that building quite often, although on a different floor from where the shootings occurred.

Thankfully, the doctor is reported to be doing well and no other employees or patients were harmed.  J checked in with me and we are both safe, as are all of our coworkers and friends.  Blessed.

Events like this always make me wonder what state of mind a person has to be in to feel that attempting to harm someone is the only option.  I hope that I never reach that level of despair, but if I do, I pray that I will find a solution that does not include causing harm to myself or anyone else.

In light of how I felt this morning and after today’s events, I think I will make it a weekly habit to write about something I’m thankful for.  So today, I am thankful for protection and sanity.

What are you thankful for??

One thought on “thankful Thursday

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