rock the vote

In one week, we are having the anatomy ultrasound, where the doctor will see how Baby J’s heart, brain, and organs are developing.  We are praying for a healthy baby.  And… we want to know whether it’s a boy or a girl!

In the meantime, I want to know what you think – boy or girl?  Take a wild guess.  Or, if you want to make an “educated” decision, here are my answers to a few wives’ tales that may help.

  1. Sleep Position:  sleeping on the left side at night = boy; right side = girl.  I mostly sleep on my left.
  2. Upset Stomach:  extreme nausea = girl.  I had nausea, not severe, but it was bad!
  3. Adult Acne:  skin breakouts = girl.  For the most part, my skin has been pretty clear.
  4. Graceful or Clumsy Pregnancy: gliding through the day = girl; stumbling = boy.  I’d say I’ve been pretty graceful.
  5. Face Weight Gain:  a fuller face = girl.  I can’t really tell, but I’d say that my face hasn’t gotten too full.
  6. Sugar and Spice Food Cravings:  craving salt (potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn) = boy; craving sweets = girl.  I’ve craved more salt than sweets.
  7. More Food Cravings: craving citrus = girl.  No citrus, but I have been craving cheese.
  8. Mood Changes:  pregnant mood swings = girl.  I have been pretty stable so far (I wonder if J would agree? :))
  9. High or Low Pregnant Belly:  carrying low = boy; carrying high = girl.  I’m carrying low.
  10. Baby Weight:  carrying in the front = boy; baby weight spaced around the middle = girl.  I’m carrying in the front.

According to these answers, I am having a boy.  What do you think??  Vote anonymously below, or if you’re bold enough, leave a comment!  Maybe I’ll have a special gift for the boldest, most confident post.

Happy voting!

9 thoughts on “rock the vote

  1. Tracie Tracie says:

    Korey says based on your answers you might be having by boy girl twins. I say she better not

  2. Stacey H says:

    I never believe in the old wives tales…according to them, I should have had a boy. Sooo, I’m going with a baby girl!

  3. The Real J says:

    I don’t know if you’re having a boy, a girl, or both, but I do know that your mood has been stable. Not that I’m in your business all day, everyday, or anything.

  4. Cynthia says:

    I voted for a girl as well for the same reasons as Stacey H. I remember at your wedding when you greeted one of your flowergirls and her sisters good-bye saying to their mom that you wanted to have 3 girls little she did. So I think God might grant that wish ;-).

  5. […] Speaking of the belly bump, a security guard at work stopped me as I was walking in and asked when I was due.  Then she said “you’re going to have a cute little girl!”  I asked how she knew it was a girl and she said she could just tell by the way I am carrying the weight.  Everyone has an opinion… share yours here. […]

  6. Barbara says:

    Well, I tried to keep quiet. I’m like the fishing grandpa, I’m praying for a healthly baby. But if I have to guess, I’ll say it’s going to be a boy but I think you know I just want a baby. Love you Both.


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