is this really me?

I think I am a strong, emotionally stable person.  I like to do things myself and don’t like to complain a lot.  But lately, it feels like I am becoming a very different person.  And I’m blaming it on the hormones.

Sunday night, I got upset with J over chocolate cake. I don’t even really care for chocolate cakes, or really any sweets. That night, I couldn’t sleep because I felt bad about letting this cake upset me.  Yesterday was a pretty bad day at work (I struggled with something for about 8 hours and still couldn’t get it to work), so when 5:30pm rolled around, I was weepy and cranky.  I made it through Bible study, but fell apart once I got home.  And by that I mean I walked in, kissed J goodnight, and cried myself to sleep.  Besides having a tough day at work, I mainly just felt emotional.  I’m not exactly sure why.  These days, I feel like I can cry at the drop of a hat.  And frankly, I don’t like it.

This is the OPPOSITE of a preggo perk.

One thought on “is this really me?

  1. Cynthia says:

    Aww Stacey just a few more months to go! We know how to be praying for you now.

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