7 months!

At 30 weeks + 1 day, I am well into my seventh month of pregnancy.  This time is literally flying by!  Jillian is getting bigger and her movements are getting stronger.  Some notable developments:

  • Jillian weighs about 3 pounds and is 17 inches long
  • From now until about week 37, she will gain 0.5 lbs per week
  • Her brain continues to develop wrinkles and grooves that provide room for expansion throughout her lifetime of learning
  • The brain is beginning to regulate her body temperature
  • Jillian’s toenails have developed and her fingernails are growing
  • She can blink and possibly keep her eyes open when awake, which may be up to 6 hours a day

For me, all this means that I am bigger and a bit uncomfortable most of the time.  My womb has grown to the bottom of my rib cage, which makes breathing a little difficult sometimes.  In fact, just bending over makes me get out of breathe!  The interesting thing is that there is a hormone called progesterone that allows me to take in more oxygen with each breathe.  All the changes that a woman’s body goes through are amazing – we are exquisitely designed!

It has been cold and windy here, and last week we got some snow, so I have been staying indoors.  Thankfully, I have been able to keep up my workout routine (and avoid the cold and ice!) using workout videos.  So far, I have not experienced any leg or foot swelling, and I’m hoping that staying active will keep the swelling at bay for as long as possible.  Another thing I’m “missing out” on… stretch marks!!!  Thank you, Lord 🙂

In other news, I have a slight cold and being pregnant, pretty much the only thing I can do is drink lots of water and get more rest (i.e., NO medicine).  Hopefully I will feel better soon.

With Christmas coming soon, J and I are getting ready to head south to be with his family for the holiday.  My parents will also be there, so it will be a big ol’ family celebration.  I am excited to spend quality time with family and meet up with a few friends.  It should be a good holiday break. We are also saying goodbye to my coupe and planning to buy a 4-door car while we are down there.  Families need sedans, right??

I am looking forward to a great week.  Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “7 months!

  1. Your favorite Aunt says:

    Hey J&S do ya’ll need me to baby sit for ya’ll after the baby J is here because i can take a leave absent from my job i need a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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