kick or contraction??

At my last doctor’s visit, the nurse said that she felt a small contraction while listening to Jillian’s heartbeat.  I’m sure it was a Braxton-Hicks contraction (false labor pains, just the body’s way of getting ready for labor).  I certainly didn’t feel anything when she said she did.  But over the last couple days, I have felt some different “things”, and I am not sure if they were kicks or contractions.

Kick? Since Jillian is getting bigger and is more spatially constrained, she doesn’t have a whole lot of room to actually kick.  Now, it’s more like sliding to one side, and I can feel that a certain area is harder than others.  So that’s a “kick”.

Contraction? A contraction is where my whole belly feels like it’s tightening up in a ball and it is hard to the touch, and I have felt some of those too, along with a bit of cramping at times.  Whenever this happens, I try to drink some water or juice, since the nurse said that dehydration can cause early/false contractions.  But still, it’s a bit worrisome.

I guess when it’s actually “time”, little Jillian will make sure that I know it!!

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