four pounds, head-down

This is week 35 of pregnancy!

A few details about Baby Jillian’s development:

  • Many of Jillian’s bodily functions are being fine-tuned (immune system, breathing, sucking reflex, brain development, kidney functions)
  • According to the books and websites, the baby should weigh around 5lbs and is still gaining weight at a rate of 0.5 lbs per week
  • She should be positioning herself head-down in preparation for birth

Last week at my doctor’s appointment, I asked about both of these things (weight and position).  The doctor’s said Jillian weighs about 4lbs and that she could feel that Jillian is in the head-down position.  I know that the weight is just an estimate, and could be off by as much as 1-2lbs, but it seems that Jillian may be right on target to be a “normal” size baby.  Thank goodness my nightmare about having an 11lb baby might not come true!

On my end, my due date is less than 5 weeks away, which for most first-time moms doesn’t mean too much since they tend to deliver late. But if they decide to induce me, I could be right on time.  The womb is the size of a small watermelon and I make very frequent trips to the bathroom since Jillian is pretty much sitting right on my bladder.  I am still dealing with the back pain and restless nights, but it isn’t totally unbearable (yet!). I’ve noticed a few more Braxton Hicks contractions, especially at night, so it seems that my body is slowly preparing for labor.

I’ve also gone into “nesting” mode, meaning that I am pretty focused on preparing the house/nursery for a baby. I finished washing all of the clothes and blankets that we’ve received and carefully folded, stacked or hung everything in the closet using special closet organizers that we received.  After washing the crib bedding set, the bedskirt and sheets didn’t have that fresh, crisp feeling from being new, so I ironed them (maybe a little overkill??).  J put together the changing table which opens up all new opportunities to organize!  So my goal for this weekend is to stock the shelves and organize all the supplies in there.  I’ve ordered some decorative shelves for the walls and have one small project to finish in terms of decorating – getting and painting wooden blocks that spell out “Jillian” to hang on the wall above the crib.

Overall, things are still going well and this pregnancy is quickly winding down!

One thought on “four pounds, head-down

  1. Rebecca says:

    You, J, and Baby J have came such a long ways! I am so excited to here that you are going into the last phases of your pregnancy. I can’t believe we only got a few more weeks until Baby J makes her appearance. I am so excited to see her. Please take pictures of the nursery and post when you have it complete! I can’t wait to see those too!

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