pre-baby deja vu

Today marks a full week since we’ve been home with Jillian.  It has been an interesting week, getting to know Jillian, learning  how to care for her, and sort of developing a routine.  Sleep is pretty sporadic – some nights she sleeps well (meaning she wakes up for feedings every 2 hours and peacefully goes back to sleep) and some nights don’t go so well (she is wide awake for 2-4 hours, and sometimes fussy/crying).  But, the past few nights have been good, and if I get in a short nap during the day, I am nearly fully functional.

This afternoon, I got out of the house, just me, and went for a walk.  I had sort of a deja vu moment because I took the same route that I walked two weeks ago, when I was 39 weeks pregnant and preparing for the induction that would happen just 2 days later.  It was relaxing to have some time alone and reflect on the past few days.  I enjoyed the exercise – something that was so important to me before and throughout the pregnancy.  And it’s something that I look forward to getting back into as soon as my body is ready.

Speaking of body, I’m recovering well and have already lost 17 of the 33 pounds I put on during my pregnancy.  I think it’s too bad that not many women talk about these kind of details (weight gain/loss), because it’s helpful to new and expecting moms to gain insight from someone whose been through it…  So, I’m going to be open and honest about my post-pregnancy changes over the next few months.  Nursing and eating well have contributed to the weight loss (and of course delivering a 7lb baby!).  And I expect that as I become more active, more of the weight will disappear.  So, it seems that my fears of not slimming down after having a baby may be all in my head (remember this post?).

So, today is a good day!  I am excited to have a beautiful, healthy daughter and a wonderful husband to share her with.  Happy Saturday!

One thought on “pre-baby deja vu

  1. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for being so open and candid about everything. I appreciate it and I take as training for when the time comes for me. As much as I want to have kids one day, that is my biggest fear that I might not fit in any of my 00 clothes. Looking forward to seeing you all in about 10 days!

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