workout… Week 1

Here is what my first week of my workout plan looked like:

  • Sunday – off
  • Monday – off
  • Tuesday – Cardio X
  • Wednesday – Yoga X
  • Thursday – off
  • Friday – Interval X
  • Saturday – 3 mile run

I followed the plan each day and today, my legs are super sore!  The workout videos are from the P90X training plan and are pretty intense.  I actually started doing those workouts while I was pregnant (of course at lower intensity), but after not really exercising for almost 8 weeks, I have a lot of catching up to do… even to just get back to the fitness level I was at while pregnant. I’m trying to remember that it will take time… it took 10 months to gain 33 pounds, and maybe just as long to get back to where I was.  But, I’m motivated and excited to see progress, even if it’s slow progress.

In other recovery-related news, I’ve lost a few more pounds and am 10lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight! I’m excited about weight loss, and I’m hoping that combining cardio and strength training will help me get more toned.

Here’s to hoping that the coming weeks will be just as good as week 1!

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