end of an era

Today is Jillian’s last day at home.  She is finally started daycare on Monday, at nearly 12 weeks old.  Jillian is blessed to have the best grandparents ever, who have cared for her for a total of 4 weeks (my mom for 2 weeks, and J’s parents for 2 weeks).  Unfortunately the grandparents-daycare is closing, and it is time to send Jillian to the real thing.

I have to admit that I am sad that one of Jillian’s family members will not be caring for her during the day. But this means that our little family of three is entering new phase.  J and I have to carefully plan each day to know who will drop off and pick up Jillian, when to squeeze in workouts, who is cooking dinner and what’s on the menu.  This will require a lot of communication and synchronizing our calendars.  But, I know we can do it!

So, as we countdown to daycare (~70 hours to go) I want to give a big thank you to all of Jillian’s grandparents.  They are the most loving, thoughtful, and helpful people.  They are a blessing to Jillian, J and I.  We love them dearly and are so grateful for them.

This belated Thankful Thursday is dedicated to them.

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