About once every quarter, the daycare that Jillian goes to takes the kids on a special field trip. Tomorrow they are going to an amusement park to celebrate the children that are “graduating” and moving on to preschool.

I thought that the infants could skip the trip and still go to daycare like a normal day. Wrong.  It turns out that the daycare will be closed tomorrow.  And we just realized that this evening.

Thank goodness J and I have some flexibility at work and can work from home if necessary. So, J is staying home to take care of Jillian. I have a couple of meetings tomorrow, so I have to go into the office. I am secretly jealous that J gets to stay with Jillian while I go to work… but I am glad that we could easily find a solution and we don’t have a crisis on our hands.

Happy thankful Thursday!

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