liquid gold

We are preparing for Hurricane Irene, over here on the East Coast.  Thankfully, we aren’t in the cities expected to really get slammed, but there is still a legitimate threat of lots of rain and high winds.  I am about to get in an early morning run (7am is early on a Saturday!), so that we can get groceries from Sam’s, run a few other errands, and be back home before the downpour starts (which should be around 4pm).

In terms of getting ready, we have our flashlights, batteries, candles, and bottled water. But most importantly, we have bags of ice, just in case the power goes out and we need to keep the contents of our freezer cold. There is about 100 oz of frozen liquid gold in there (breastmilk), which absolutely better be frozen after this stupid ol’ hurricane passes through, and any aftermath…  I’ve worked hard to build up this reserve so that J and I can enjoy a vacation away from Jillian in a couple weeks.  That milk is Jillian’s most substantial source of nutrients, and she needs it when I’m away from her. Yes, she’s eating some solid food, but still drinking about 25 oz/day of milk.

It’s funny that this is my primary concern when it comes to a threat of power outages… ah, the life of a mother!

Anyway, that liquid gold better stay frozen. period. end of story. no excuses.


2 thoughts on “liquid gold

  1. Cynthia says:

    This was too funny! Cracked me up! I hope the liquid gold stayed frozen and that you two enjoy that vacation.

  2. […] power.  Back then, I was more worried about possibly losing my hard-fought-for supply of frozen breast milk. Thankfully, our power was only out for 12 hours. This time, we were without power for 4 days. In […]

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