wonderful weekend

With Jillian in bed and J editing pictures, I thought I’d take some time to reflect on the great weekend we just had.

After sleeping in on Saturday, J brought Jilli and I flowers and make delicious omelettes. Then we took Jilli to a friend’s house (thanks M!!) so that J and I could enjoy a couples’ massage. Much needed and very relaxing.  We had lunch at a local cafe with great food and good people-watching. Saturday night was a quiet time at home with our family of 3.

Today, we went to church and then headed to DC with our friend M to see the cherry blossoms.  It was foggy in the morning, but cleared up and turned out to be a beautiful spring-like day.  It was the perfect time to see the trees, since the warmer weather made them bloom much earlier than normal.  Plus, the actual Cherry Blossom Festival hasn’t started, so there wasn’t a huge crowd there.  Jilli was very content to be in the carrier and see all the sights. It was just a great day with great company.

J and I have decided to get out more often on the weekends with Jillian.  There is so much that we want to experience with her.  Having a child doesn’t mean we are banished to be at home all the time.  It takes more planning to ensure a good outing, but being able to think back on the wonderful time we had makes it so worth it.

A nice way to start the week!

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