vacation bliss

J and I are happily enjoying a wonderful vacation! No work, no baby, and no stress!  Of course we miss our sweet Jillian (who, by the way, is back to her normal sleep patterns!), but it is so nice to enjoy each other’s company without worrying about cooking dinner, bathing Jillian, packing lunches, cleaning the kitchen, or finishing that last bit of work at the office.

We left home yesterday and are in Charleston, SC.  This is a very historic city, with lots of culture and delicious food.  We had a great dinner at Hominy Grill, where I had yummy shrimp creole.  Today, we ran (on the treadmill, since it is very humid here) and then headed out to downtown Charleston.  We wandered the streets to find museum row, the wharf, waterfront park, and the fashion district. We had a lovely lunch at a local, family-owned business called The Whisk.  I indulged and ate a cream puff for dessert.  Although it was cloudy, it is still hot and humid, so walking around for nearly 3 hours took a toll on us.  So we are back at the hotel relaxing before going to Bowen’s Island Restaurant for dinner.  James is going to try steamed oysters… I think I’ll just watch 🙂

So far, it’s been the perfect vacay, and we have two whole days left, before flying out on Saturday!

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