field trip!

So, my Jilli is no longer a infant.  This week, she is starting to transition out of the infant room at daycare and into the class for 18 to 24-month old toddlers.  A couple hours a day for this week, and then full time next week. Today was her first experience with the “big kids”, and it happened on a great day – there was a field trip planned! The kids got to go to Whole Foods, where they have a special children’s summer program.  On today’s agenda was making no-bake-brownies. The teachers said that Jillian enjoyed the outing, so much so that she took a long nap when they returned.  And although Jillian didn’t care for the brownie, J and I happily ate it. 🙂

I know she’ll learn numbers, and colors, and start talking, but I don’t know if I’m ready.  I mean, my little baby is no longer a baby.  I’m sure I’ll have this feeling 1,000 more times over the course of her life.  For now, I’ll just think way back on moments like this…

(Jillian at one week old)

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