back in the chair, 9 weeks later

This morning, I am at the hair salon enjoying some much needed “me” time. I haven’t been here since before Jayla was born, and as I sit here, I am remembering the anxiety and anticipation I felt 9 weeks ago. I was engrossed in thoughts of which job offer J and I would accept, how we would handle having 2 children, and the long list of things I needed to finish at work before my maternity leave started. I was overwhelmed! My hair stylist will attest to that… I blurted out all the things on my mind while sitting in her chair!

Now 9 weeks later, I still have a lot going on:  J and I decided on our jobs and are preparing to move (more on that later), we are surviving with 2 children and enjoying it most of the time, and well, I’ll always have a lot of things to do at work.  But what is different is my perspective.  The past seven weeks with a newborn have been very challenging.  There are late night feedings, lots of crying, very little sleep, and a toddler in her terrific/terrible twos to top it off.  But, as always, God is in control.  He has given me more patience, although sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.  He has provided a lot of help (shout-out to my mom and J’s mom for staying with us, and the women at our church for bringing us wonderful meals).  And He has demonstrated once again that trusting in Him is the best choice.

It is sometimes easy to forget all of this, especially when I finally get Jayla to sleep at 6am and then Jillian wakes up crying, but I know God will care for me and my family in the exact ways that we need.
Happy Thankful Thursday!

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One thought on “back in the chair, 9 weeks later


    AMEN……..LOVE YA’L SEND PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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