If you ask Jillian what she did yesterday, she would give you a list of things that we did days, weeks, or months ago… plus, a few things that we actually did yesterday. She doesn’t comprehend what “yesterday” really means and time runs together.

I feel the same way! Time passes so fast. So, what happened “yesterday”?

  • I got back to running and working out during the week. Since Jayla is sleeping through the night, I have a tiny bit more energy (5 weeks ago)
  • I celebrated another birthday – the big 32! We enjoyed dinner at my favorite restaurant, and the girls behaved! (4 weeks ago)
  • I went to visit my dear friend and met her beautiful son for the first time (3 weeks ago)
  • Our good friends from college were vacationing on the West coast, and we got the chance to spend the day with their family. (2 weeks ago)
  • I submitted proposals for two grant nominations. (the real yesterday)

That’s what’s been up with me.

And here are a few pics from my adventures 🙂

Being silly in the car


After our outdoor painting adventure


Admiring her handiwork


Sitting in a box


Riding the carousel at the mall


Pooped after a long run with mommy


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One thought on “yesterday


    what fun day…… tell me motherhood ain’t the best thing in the world…….I want to be just like you when I grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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